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  4. The Metabolism Myth: Why Exercise Alone Won't Help Weight Loss

Weight training is important too, because it tones your muscles and boosts lean tissue mass, which burns more calories per pound than fat. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn daily. Breaking up a minute workout into two minute or three minute sessions is not only convenient, but also it may help you burn more fat, according to recent research.


Hate exercise? Here are 12 workout tips. Graze on healthy snacks or nosh on smaller meals instead. Eating small meals throughout the day keeps a steady stream of energy available to your body. This boosts your metabolism and your brain power. Keep healthy snacks fruits, veggies, nuts , yogurt with you throughout the day.

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Dieters often try to get that extra weight-loss edge by cutting entire meals instead of just cutting calories throughout the day. But this is counterproductive: Skipping meals forces your metabolism to slow down and conserve calories to compensate for the lack of food. So when you finally do eat, your body remembers that it went for a long time without food and will store more calories to prepare for the next time you'll starve it. Stay off this roller-coaster by eating at regular intervals throughout the entire day. Some experts say that your body burns extra calories as it works to raise the temperature of icy water to your internal body temperature, although others disagree.

Body temperature and metabolism are related: As you burn energy, heat is released. By increasing your internal body temperature, spicy foods may temporarily raise your metabolism and stimulate the use of stored fat as energy. You can easily save yourself calories at a meal by taking fewer bites, so pile on the hot sauce. Secret 7: Count on calcium Research shows that calcium, an essential mineral, can boost your basal metabolic rate, which boosts weight loss.

Studies also show that dairy lovers are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, whose symptoms include high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, poor blood sugar control and increased abdominal obesity — all factors that increase risk of diabetes and heart disease. How Calorie-Conscious are You? How calorie-conscious are you? Everyday Health Healthy Living Fitness. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! You should see it in your inbox very soon. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe We respect your privacy.

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That is one rep. Lower your dumbbells and start again. On the balls of your feet, run in place as fast as you can, like the floor is hot. Every 10 seconds do either a tuck jump advanced or jump squat beginner as high as you can and get right back to your fire feet again. You should have a degree angle between the back of your knee and the front of your hip. Your front knee should be directly on top of your ankle and your back knee should be under your hip. Aggressively drive your back knee up into a high-knee position and hop your right foot off the floor at the same time.

Return to your starting position and continue. If the jump is too much, eliminate the jump and step up instead. Then lower your other knee to the floor. Step your feet back up, one at a time.

Then, add an explosive jump and get right back down to the base of your squat. Down, down, up, up, pump!

Place your hands on the floor, stacked directly under your shoulders. Keep your hips parallel to the ground and feet back and together. Aggressively run your knees to your chest, alternating legs every rep.

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With your knees directly under your hips, lift your knees off the ground by leaning on the balls of your feet. Your shins should be parallel to the ground and no more than two inches off the floor.

The Metabolism Myth: Why Exercise Alone Won't Help Weight Loss

Once you have a solid base, touch one hand to your opposite shoulder. Engage your muscles and control the movement. Type keyword s to search.

Dumbbell Crushers

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