The Heart Will Lead You Home

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The middle of my junior year, I moved to a school that I hate and sadly have to graduate from this year. That song reminds me that I have true friends back home that I love with all my heart, and I know they will never leave my side no matter what happens. I always thought I would be with my family forever, but that was too good to be true.

This song is timeless to me… I cry to it, I smile to it, I fall asleep to it. Years pass, and it continues to mend my moods. At first, you thought Love would meet and exceed your expectations. You thought Love would have a body that rivalled gods. You thought Love would consist of you being swept off your feet as you flail and wriggle in their strong grip. You thought Love and you would have a story that was of the praised calibre Disney fairytales receive. But when Minghao approached you, he was a twig. It was as if one wrong move; one wrong touch, he would fade away from your sight.

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Being with him brought stuttered sentences, crescent moons imprinted on your palm and a heart that threatened to rupture through your chest. He had a charismatic aura that was like performers during anticipated concerts.

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His eyes were intensely affectionate that your head lowers and the skin of your neck tingles. You felt like an ant, surrounded by giants who were merciless. The storyline of you and him paused as the scene and fast-paced music that surrounded both of you eventually ceased.


Your Heart Will Lead You Home - Wikipedia

Your words were nowhere to be found, the moons disappeared and your heartbeat was stable. Minghao poured cement whereas you walked with your head down, locking the door with resolute finality.

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Six weeks later, someone knocked on your door three times in succession. With cautious steps, the doorknob softly clicks to reveal someone with a modest build. His jawline was prominent and the smile painted on his rose lips reminded you of Stitch. He introduced himself as Hansol, the two syllables rolling off your tongue without difficulty. He had a penchant for verbal stories, creating rhythm and rhyme in the studio.

That location was his domain and the fool you were served.

Your Heart Will Lead You Home Testo

You and him fit like how the infinite ocean seamlessly greets the golden sand. You felt the universe fabricate the meeting of the stars, creating constellations that will glitter in your heart. Yet stars are unprecedented and abrupt, as the enigma that is Hansol becomes fleeting.

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The cluster of beautiful stars dim and compress until the tightness of it explodes, leaving behind an endless black hole. His remnants encompass you, lighting up the organ that steadily beats as you leave the door closed. Keep reading. I also dig the character voices a lot, and the sense of ease and familiarity that comes from years of knowing each other. Also feat. Bodhi, Mon Mothma and Cassian. Remainder, Remainder by onyourleft words In an effort to be non-spoilery, I will describe this fic as an exercise wherein Things That Happened in the Movie now Happened Differently in this fic, but in six different ways.

Now I can say I love you And mean it even more A second chance A second dance More precious than before If your love is broken and leaves you on your own Trust that time will come and go Your heart will lead you home. Rules: First, list your Top 5 favourite movies using only gifs. Finally, List your Top 5 favourite books or book series.

Your Heart Will Lead You Home

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  • Originally posted by sirinhatun. Originally posted by animatedlesbian. If you feel you lost And on your own And far from home You're never alone you know Just think of your friends The ones who care They all will be waiting there With love to share And your heart will lead you I know your heart will lead you home.

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